Roccapelago - Modena
“The mummies of Roccapelago (XVI-XVIII B.C.): lifestyle and death of a small community in Modena’s Apennine mountains. Archeology and Anthropology: an interdisciplinary research
, by Superintendency of Emilia-Romagna -Department for Archeological Heritage, University of Bologna –Department for History and Conservation Methods for Cultural Heritage. Speech by Ivana Micheletti and Annalisa Biselli “The mummies of Roccapelago: canonical research and preliminary analysis of clothes and shrouds for textiles conservation and restoration”, September, 2012 .

Bologna – Region Emilia Romagna
Dressing the sacred - paths of knowledge, restoration and protection of dressed Madonnas, Children and Saints”, Proceedings of the conference "Virgo glorious" by Lidia Bortolotti, Editrice Compositori, Bologna, 2011.

Crema – Basilica Santa Maria della Croce
“The sumptuous dresses of Caterina degli Uberti and the Holy Virgin Mary” by  Dr. Renata Casarin -Superintendency PSAE of Mantua, Brescia and Cremona. Speech by Ivana Micheletti “Conservation intervention of 18th -19th  century textiles”, 2010.

Modena - University of Modena and Reggio Emilia
“Illuminated manuscripts: a meeting between Art and Science”.
2nd National Day for the interdisciplinary study of illuminated manuscripts, by the Municipality of Modena with the Scientific Committee: Prof. Pietro Baraldi (University of  Modena and Reggio Emilia),Prof. Maurizio Aceto (University of Eastern Piemonte), Prof. Danilo Bersani (University of Parma), Prof. Giuseppa Zanichelli (University of Salerno). Speech by Angela Lusvarghi and Ivana Micheletti “The embroidered cover of Modena’s Book of Hours. The experience of restoration work”, 5th June,2009.

Piacenza - Alberoni Gallery
The restoration treatment  of two 17th Flemish tapestries .
11th Cultural Week 2009, by Opera Pia Alberoni, Municipality of Piacenza and Superintendency of Parma and Piacenza  for Historical, Artistic and Ethno-Anthropological Heritage. Speech by Annalisa Biselli “Alessandro falls into the Cidno river and is saved”, 19th April,  2009.

Castel San Giovanni, Villa Braghieri –the Honour Hall
Meeting on the conservation of historical decorated surfaces, furniture and draperies of the ex Music Hall. Speech by Stellina Cherubini “The restoration treatment of the historical draperies of the ex Music Hall”, 18th  April, 2009.

Reggio EmiliaParmeggiani Gallery
The recovered dresses of Maria Melato : restoration and exploitation  project. Speech by Ivana Micheletti . Organisation by Local Authority Arts and Entertainment Department , Panizzi Library, Civic Museums, Fondazione "I Teatri", Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio “Pietro Manodori “, Lions Club San Polo "Matilde di Canossa”.

Reggio EmiliaDiocesan Museum
“The embroidered portable sunshade in the Diocesan Museum of Reggio Emilia and Guastalla”. Presentation of its restoration, by Laura Pezzotti , 8th  June, 2008.

Reggio EmiliaDiocesan Museum
The Holy Giovanna Scopelli after the canonical research”
Meeting, 3rd November 2007.Speech by Annalisa Biselli “Holy Scopelli’s dresses and burial textiles. Research and studies”.

Ferrara – Exhibition on the Art of Restoration and Conservation of the Cultural and Environmental Heritage
“Learning while restoring: the binding of Modena’s Book of Hours by Modena’s Maestro Lat. 842= alfa.R.7.3”. Speech by Angela Lusvarghi. Technical meeting by the Ministry for Cultural Heritage, April, 2007.

Ferrara – Exhibition on the Art of Restoration and Conservation of the Cultural and Environmental Heritage
" Virgo Gloriosa e Santi: Restauro e tutela dei Simulacri Vestiti "(Glorious Virgo and the Saints: Restoration and conservation of dressed simulacrum), meeting documents by Lidia Bortolotti and IBACN (The Institute of The Art, Culture and Nature of Emilia-Romagna ).
Speech by Ivana Micheletti  and Roberta Notari “Shaped dresses and woven dresses: the restoration of a 17th century  female dressed statue through art and devotion”, Ed. IBACN on-line April, 2006.

Ferrara – Exhibition on the Art of Restoration and Conservation of the Cultural and Environmental Heritage
“Vestire il sacro: percorsi di conoscenza, restauro e tutela di Madonne, Bambini e Santi abbigliati” (Glorious Virgo: itineraries of knowledge, restoration and conservation of dressed Madonnas).
Meeting documents by Lidia Bortolotti. Issue by Angela Lusvarghi and Ivana Micheletti “From dress to undershirt: Madonnas restored clothes” ,Ed. IBACN on-line, April, 2005.

Milan-Poldi Pezzoli Museum
Meeting about tapestry restoration, Milan, 2001.

Piacenza- Alberoni College
"Silk and gilded threads: a restored tapestry of Alberoni Cardinal”.
 International day of Study on historical tapestries, Piacenza, 2001.

Modena, Civic Museum of Art
“The velvet quilted curtain with Cardinal Pietro Campori’ s coat of arms”
Presentation of the restoration, Association Amici dei Musei, 2000.


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CISST, "Le tappezzerie nelle dimore storiche” (Hangings and upholstery in historical residences), IV CISST meeting documents. Issued by Angela Lusvarghi and Ivana Micheletti" The hangings of Meli Lupi stronghold in Soragna" ed. U. Allemandi & C. Florence, 1987.